back to article Brit upstart Arkivum: We're the smart AaaS you're looking for

Arkivum, a UK-based data storage startup, is offering its AaaS: Archive-as-a-Service. It's competing successfully with public cloud and large-scale on-premises tape libraries by offering escrow-based guaranteed storage in its cloud. It was started up in 2011 as a way of productising a service technology developed at the …

  1. Richard Wharram

    Another AaaS?

    Just reviewed a document that had AaaS standing for Analytics as a Service.

    I had to mark the bit where it talked about an 'AaaS-partner' as being unsuitable for issue. In fact I put a ring around it.

  2. To Mars in Man Bras!


    *"...Arkivum, a UK-based data storage startup..."

    These really make my day. Keep them coming, El Reg.

    Bit disappointed they didn't stick an extra "i" in there though. ARKIVIUM would have been worth several more Oo-Va-Voo points and ARKIVIUM SOLUTIONS might even have made the top 40.

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