back to article Troubled Acer is going to chop itself into three bite sized chunks

Management head-to-wall banging at Acer has seemingly inspired a novel idea to fix the things that are wrong the business - more restructuring. Well done, C-suite execs! Bonuses all round! The new design for Acer, if Digi Times is right, is to turn itself into a holding company to attract new investors and carve the business …

  1. x 7


    what software?

    what services?

    all they've got is the original ALi Acer Labs chipset business, and most of that was sold off to nVidia as ULi years ago

  2. Mark 85 Silver badge

    Fire sale buys them time to recover?

    It seems that about the only supplier of the larger laptops with Win7 is Acer. As I understand it, they're selling well. Must be the excess inventory that they have....

    I've bought 2 of them at a great price for the wife. Brand new, in the box, etc. She's got one for everyday use, the other is set up only for "updates".. security not system to be available if the main one fails or whatever.

    1. Swarthy

      Re: Fire sale buys them time to recover?

      May want to put GWX Control Panel on the updates-only one; seeing how Win10 is being pushed, I wouldn't be surprised to see it delivered as a security update.

      1. Mark 85 Silver badge

        Re: Fire sale buys them time to recover?

        That was the first thing I did. :)

  3. x 7

    "It seems that about the only supplier of the larger laptops with Win7 is Acer"

    certainly the only mass-market brand.

    Some resellers offer rebadged 17" or 19" Clevos, but they're not cheap

  4. Nigel 11

    Customer (dis)service?

    I tangled with Acer customer service (over warranty repairs) many years ago. The result was that I swore that I would never buy anything again from Acer if there was a sensible alternative choice.

    I wonder whether the brand-name is now a liability rather than an asset? They would not be the first large consumer products company to discover the cost of poor service.

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