back to article Virgin bins Webspace, tells customers they can cry to GoDaddy

Virgin Media is to put its legacy hosting biz Webspace out to pasture, after taking over the service via its acquisition of NTL back in 2006. "As more of our customers are choosing to use alternative apps and services, we've decided to stop offering Webspace from 28th April," Virgin informed customers in a letter seen by The …

  1. Mutton Jeff

    same for "cloud space"

    Only, try drop box

  2. This post has been deleted by its author

  3. Oli 1

    why would you host something more complicated on an ISP server?

    There really is no reaosn for an ISP to offer hosting, or even email come to think of it these days.

    1. Anonymous Coward
      Anonymous Coward

      Agree for hosting. But I like ISP email. The alternatives are to pay for more than casual use really justifies, else pimp your privacy to someone like Google for "free" email.

      1. Richard Cranium

        "But I like ISP email...else pimp your privacy..."

        Which assumes the ISPs don't pimp you privacy

        "The alternatives are to pay for more than casual use really justifies"

        So your privacy isn't worth £1 a week?

      2. Tom Sparrow

        ISP Email

        @massivelySerial - Virgin outsourced their webmail to google a long time ago. It's branded, but it's still gmail. I think I remember BT went to Yahoo for theirs, though that could just be my imagination.

        1. Gavin Chester

          Re: ISP Email

          They did, but brought it back in house late last year, ( but frankly its still not working that well.

          I only now use it as a disposable address to send signups to and moved to my domain providers package that works far better.

          You still cannot use a standard POP3 mail client to delete mails on the web servers so they are just building up in my and my wifes mail accounts and VM can store them forever as far as I'm concerned...

          And I bet despite another service going (Usenet seems to be either dying or closed) my bill won't come down at all.

          1. dotdavid

            Re: ISP Email

            "And I bet despite another service going (Usenet seems to be either dying or closed) my bill won't come down at all."

            Virgin Media bills come down in the same way that rocks fall up.

    2. Anonymous Coward
      Anonymous Coward

      ISP email

      ISP email is useful for registrations that don't accept webmail addresses (usually due to overzealous anti-spam measures), and you don't wish to use other alternatives such as a work email.

    3. Doctor Syntax Silver badge

      "There really is no reaosn for an ISP to offer hosting, or even email come to think of it these days."

      There's no reason for anyone to do so unless they're making a business out of it. But as ISPs are businesses there's no reason why they shouldn't choose to do so.

      OTOH if you choose to go with an ISP as host for web or email services it ties your hands if they piss you off and you want to go elsewhere.

      1. Anonymous Coward
        Anonymous Coward

        Nah. You register a cheap domain like and forward the email to your mailbox of choice.

  4. Terry 6 Silver badge

    Oli1 Why would you try something more complicated.......?

    Because it's a hobby site, which isn't there to earn money, and doesn't justify sixty quid a year to tinker with.

    Ditto the underlying question, why would we use an ISP site at all. Because we're running a little site for the fun of it and can't justify paying retail.

    BUT, also, the web space that VM were offering is part of the "added value" of the contract. So, quite simply is a reduction in value they give. Even if the user doesn't take it up, it's available. Or was....

    1. Old Handle

      I felt much the same when my ISP dropped usenet. Sure I didn't use it that much, and I was eventually able to find a free text-only provider which mostly covers the little bit I did use, but they were still taking something away, and they obviously didn't lower my monthly bill to compensate.

      1. Doctor Syntax Silver badge

        "I felt much the same when my ISP dropped usenet."

        After a few takeovers my old ISP ended up in the hands of TalkTalk who didn't exactly drop Usenet, they just made it virtually unusable for a the times when I preferred to use it. Coupled with the inability to get a complaint through the chocolate fire-guard customer disservice department which had come in with a previous takeover I bit the bullet and moved, even though it involved changing email address. The solution there was to register my own domain which made it easier to jump ship when my next ISP was sold.

        If an ISP offers these extras then they should maintain them or cut their rates if they drop them. However, it's something of a lock-in. It's amazing that ISPs haven't grasped that as dropping the service must promote customer churn.

  5. PNGuinn
    Thumb Up

    "Something even better in store for you. We've teamed up with GoDaddy®"

    Sums 'em up perfectly.

    Seems like an excellent opportunity to leave without penalty if you're locked in and want to jump.

  6. VinceH Silver badge

    "Virgin Media is to put its legacy hosting biz Webspace out to pasture, after taking over the service via its acquisition of NTL back in 2006."

    I received that letter, but I'm confused by the NTL reference. Here, it was United Artists -> Telewest -> Blueyonder -> Virgin Media, and webspace (with no capital) was provided as part of the package all those years ago.

    Was a capitalised webspace something special that NTL offered, with the webspace provision of the alternative route to Virgin Media eventually being mopped up into it?

    (Not that it matters: Never used it. Just curious.)

  7. Anonymous Coward
    Anonymous Coward

    VM’s email service is rubbish too...

    since it stopped using Google to provide it.

    Since the changeover, tagged emails have not been supported.

  8. IanTP

    Oops! Probably not a good sign...

    Rare Monday beer being consumed!

  9. This post has been deleted by its author

  10. Mike 16 Silver badge

    Just say No Daddy

    Or at least, find another alternative before you need to pay them. I still get yearly "Your account has been suspended because the credit card number we have on file has expired" notices from them, which I would take a lot more seriously if I had actually had an account with them after 2009 or so.

  11. Anonymous Coward
    Anonymous Coward

    the £60 subscription

    a sweet deal, no less. And hey, don't forget, they'll hike up their pricing without even _notifying_you. Plus, the benefit of not being able to E-MAIL the (...) at godaddy (well, this goes well with Virgin closing down that route already).

  12. ecofeco Silver badge


    Oh FFF, talk about insult to injury! The most useless piece of shit hosting company I've ever seen.

    Suitable only for the gullible.

    1. Scott Wichall

      Re: GoDaddy?

      GoDaddy is worse than Fasthosts? Say it isn't so....

      1. Anonymous Coward
        Anonymous Coward

        Re: GoDaddy?

        I did not think that was possible given the often covered magnitude of their failures.

        Go Daddy must be truly shit.

        1. Richard Cranium

          Re: GoDaddy?

          Maybe GoDaddy isn't very good (don't know, not used it) but in the context of users of VM's free webspace it may be an improvement. However surely people only used VM free for unimportant stuff, I had some family photos on there for a while (passworded) but commercial hosting got much better and cheaper. I'm using a decent alternative for £20 a year. So far that's proved fast, reliable and provides responsive competent tech support.

          It's not hard to find small amounts of completely free webspace if £20 is too much. I'll not "advertise" here but I know of a fairly reliable host offering free 50MB disk (Same as NTL did), 100MB monthly traffic, email, MySQL - that's free as in future years too - or start paying but in exchange for more disk, bandwidth etc (and cheaper than GoDaddy).

          Only the most naive will switch from free to £60 a year without checking alternatives

          Doubtless VM will be getting a kick-back from GoDaddy

          I use VM because I'm in a cabled area so their bundles are competitive: 200MB broadband (that's not "up to..." but actually delivered), better TV service than I got using an aerial (better quality, more channels, record programs while watching another etc), landline and mobile. Email and webspace were never very good and from their perspective just costs and support hassle with no benefit to VM.

  13. Anonymous Coward
    Anonymous Coward


    Are there any recommendations for suitably priced alternative services for running a low traffic hobby web-site of 3 pages of straight HTML? I have spotted who offer a free web site of one page, although at first glance it looks as though you have to use their nice website builder. I already have my HTML. I just want to put it somewhere. Any suggestions ;-)

    1. paulf Silver badge

      Re: Recommendations

      I use Clara Net. I was with them back in the days of dial up but moved ISP when I wanted ADSL. They had loads of decent plans for dial up but never really kept up with the move to ADSL.

      I stuck with them for my email/domain though. The email tools are pretty flexible - great for setting up throw away email aliases for each company. I've not made much use of the webspace but it seems to work well. Works out at £35/year with domain and that's not increased in many years now.

      No connection to them other than being a customer.

    2. Anonymous Coward
      Anonymous Coward

      Re: Recommendations

      £30 a year:

      1. Doogie Howser MD

        Re: Recommendations

        ..said the affiliate with nothing financial to gain...

        1. Anonymous Coward
          Anonymous Coward

          Re: Recommendations

          You miserable **** I was looking forward to the half pint of beer that would have earned me. It's not even as if the affiliate link was hidden so if you resent buying me a small beer you could just strip that off the url.

          1. Doogie Howser MD

            Re: Recommendations

            All I'm saying is that because you stand to gain financially (however small) from recommending a service, it makes you biased because you can't be objective.

  14. moiety

    I'm with vidahost and they're pretty has been excellent so far (email, not live chat). They know what they are talking about, which is nice (and not universal amongst webhosts). (Disclosure - I'm a customer and I'm not making anything for saying nice things about them).

    You can get a better price with some US hosts which is fine for the site; but may cause issues if you want to run email through there (Safe Harbour and all that)

    Or there's this, for free: ,,,there wasn't a catch last time I used it; but that was a couple of years ago now.

    Definitely wouldn't go with GoDaddy...all the control stuff is custom, with ads everywhere and it takes longer to do anything because there's all this crap in the way trying to get you to sign up for things you don't need.

    1. Anonymous Coward
      Anonymous Coward

      Re: Recommendations

      Thanks to those who have made suggestions. I have had a look at the free offering and have tried setting it up. It took a couple of attempts to supply an e-mail address which they liked, but it then just worked. I was able to ftp over my html and css files into /public_html and my web site is now working. Obviously it is too early to comment on reliability, but it seems quite zippy. It runs as a sub-domain of

      Thanks again.

  15. moiety

    I'd recommend that you get hold of a cheap domain (namecheap are having an 88c special on some of the new ones; but you're better off with a .com or, if you can find one you like). That saves you having to change everyone's bookmarks if you have to move the site again.

    You keep the domain at the registrar, and just point it at wherever it happens to be...this makes moving the site easy if you decide to change. Namecheap are good, with good support, but there are lots of other registrars around, of varying sketchiness.

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