back to article Samsung starts cranking out 256GB mobile memory modules

Samsung has announced it's started mass production of 256 gigabyte embedded memory modules using the Universal Flash Storage (UFS) 2.0. The storage can crank along at 850 megabytes per second or handle writes at 260 megabytes per second. You read that right: megabytes, not megabits. That means, as Samsung points out, that a …

  1. Dwarf Silver badge


    So if they are large and faster than SSD devices, I wonder how long it will be before someone mounts a bunch on a card to make a large and fast SSD

    1. CadentOrange

      Re: SSD

      I think these are probably already in SSDs. The MacBooks with PCIe SSDs already have read/write speeds of approximately 1.4GB/s for the 512GB part.

  2. James 51 Silver badge

    The price should come down eventually. Until then, I can see these being the basis for an extremely exclusive ipod.

    1. DougS Silver badge

      What's the use case for 700 MB/sec in an iPod? Listening to 100 songs in one second?

      1. James 51 Silver badge

        Apple products aren't about practicality, it's about being able to beat anyone who doesn't have one over the head with yours in a socially acceptable manner.

      2. ascii bandit

        Well, i can see the benefit of syncing your entire musiccollection in minutes, and not hours.

        That said, do ipods stille exist?

        1. James 51 Silver badge

          Trying to sync over 30gb of music and podcasts can take a while but usually only have to do it once every few years.

          1. Tom 13

            @James 51

            It's not the wait to synch that bothers me, it's all that clicking confirming I want to download all 60G I have in the cloud. Ooops, I only have 40G on the pod. Error! Error!

  3. timblackwell

    About 2TB on my phone: that would be my optimal cloud. I can do backups. I am excellent at backups....

  4. Alan Brown Silver badge

    Bye Bye hdds

    Stuff like this will be the end of them.

    Maybe not as fast as a traditional SSD, but enough density to put 30TB in a 2.5" case at better than HDD speed.

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