back to article Growth comes with costs for cloud-support flinger Rackspace

Rackspace saw growth across most lines during its fourth quarter and year – alas, that also included costs, it has said. Management also warned Rackspace watchers over an impending re-organisation in sales that would allow disrupt its current, first-quarter sales. Worrying, too, is a slow-down in Rackspace’s native OpenStack …

  1. Dr Who

    "re-organisation in sales that would allow disrupt its currant"

    Could be a typo. More likely it's a verbatim quote from the sales director.

    1. Electron Shepherd

      Don't see why you made this comment - was there a particular raisin?

      1. shanen

        I find rackspace performance fruitful considering the landscape.

      2. PeteA

        Sour grapes...

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