back to article Time acquires Myspace, creates 2004's most fearsome media giant

Time Inc. said it has acquired what's left of social networking ghost town Myspace. The media giant will take on ownership of Myspace as part of a larger acquisition of parent company Viant, an advertising and data analytic firm. Viant acquired Myspace from News Corp in 2011. Time said that it plans to integrate Viant into …

  1. Neil Alexander

    I imagine MySpace's customer data would be completely ideal for your advertising network if you were interested in advertising to last decade's 13-year-olds. I can't think that anyone has so much as touched it since.

    1. asdf Silver badge

      Don't forget the biggest internet has-been.

      Yahoo would have bought them but they already had Geocities to reminisce about the glory days with.

  2. Mage Silver badge
    Big Brother

    Viant's Advertising Cloud service boasts that it has data for sale on 1.2 billion people.

    Ought to be illegal if it isn't?

    Wasn't Readers Digest bought just for the database?

    Was there some issue with Customer data of Radio Shack/Tandy being sold when it "died" purely for marketing.

    Misuse of original data, IMO.

  3. Martin Summers Silver badge

    I can't wait for my turn to have it, it should be about 50p by then?

  4. Alistair Silver badge

    VIant's properties

    Isn't ViralMedia in there somewhere? The spam "one quick trick" feeders?

  5. wolfetone Silver badge

    Possibile Pheonix

    To be honest I think MySpace has a chance with the yoof. Think about it, if you're younger than 25 you'll have never knew MySpace existed. Make MySpace a bit like WhatsApp, then it's a cash cow again.

    1. asdf Silver badge

      Re: Possibile Pheonix

      What's it say if Myspace came out after you were long out of school and never bothered. You are old I guess.

      1. wolfetone Silver badge

        Re: Possibile Pheonix

        Well that's what the problem was with MySpace. Everyone who was on there loved it as we could connect with other people our own age. Then our parents got on it, and that immediately meant we left to go to Facebook as that was too new for the older people to understand.

        Luckily both my parents thought the computer was far beyond their comprehension so never bothered to use it. The closest the old fella got to using a computer was asking me to get RTE radio on it so he could listen to the football. The mother uses the Sky box, and that's her limit.

        1. Yugguy

          Re: Possibile Pheonix

          Son, I have some dreadful news for you.

          Us "old" people know EXACTLY how to use modern technology, but sometimes we pretend we don't because it's hilarious watching you get frustrated.

    2. Ali Um Bongo


      I have nothing consturctive to add, but the mis-spelling was bugging me.

      1. Ali Um Bongo

        Re: PHOENIX!

        *"...I have nothing **consturctive** to add..."*

        Newton's Third Law of Grammar Nazism in action.

  6. Dr.Flay

    In no way can MySpace be called a Social Networking site.

    Most people stopped using MySpace because it became an over-bloated shopping and advert system.

    I only continued to use regularly it while they still had a chat system. Once that was disabled the only use I have for it is to find music by obscure bands and artists that no longer exist.

    Many independent music producers moved to the Multiply site, and the same thing happened there. Bought by people with no interest in the functionality of Social Networking, only the revenue that can be made from fish in a barrel.

    Once it turned into a shopping cart and advert system, we all left the site got resold and finally died.

    As long as companies are only interested in the adverts they can shove at you, the more alienated the user becomes.

    If a site is more useful to the owners than the users, it should be avoided.

    Unfortunately good sites don't stay good once they are sold. Ever.

    They are never bought by the same sort of people that invent stuff or want to move the world forwards, only ever the sort of people that see fish in a barrel, and how they can fillet and fry the contents in as many creative ways as possible.

    1. Anonymous Coward
      Anonymous Coward

      What was once a fairly clean MySpace user page with some optional customisation - became unwieldy bloat with mandatory filing of your favourite films, singers, breakfast cereal etc. Facebook is treading down the same path as it adds more and more things - with few user options that will clean it all up.

      I only have a Facebook login because some groups haven't discovered how to make all their intended public data visible otherwise.

    2. a_yank_lurker Silver badge

      As long as the founders have control while the company matures it has a chance. The problem is many companies have been sold before they matured to others who did not understand and worse never tried to understand the business.

  7. jonfr

    Myspace users?

    Myspace has users? I don't have account with them any more. I deleted mine back in 2011 and never looked back.

  8. allthecoolshortnamesweretaken

    So the new target demographic is hipsters?

    "I'm using this crazy social media page - you wouldn't have heard about it..."

  9. Anonymous Coward
    Anonymous Coward


    Ms Mayer must be gnashing her teeth in fury.

    This would have been the final piece in her plan to turn Yahoo around.....

  10. DCLXV

    Reading between the lines

    "Marketers are selecting ad funnels that have either mind-numbing capabilities or reheated content; we will be able to deliver both in a single platform, and will stand apart from those that offer just one or the other," Time CEO Joe Ripp said of the deal.

    "In other words, we will be able to deliver advertisers' messages directly into their victim's faces with a sort of push-stab motion that is sure to haunt them."

  11. Anonymous Coward
    Anonymous Coward

    Good luck with that data, I still like cats but don't smoke pot anymore.

  12. James 29

    Just tried the site

    And it said I needed to install Flash player, thats me done then! Surfed elsewhere

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