back to article Telstra mobile in continental TITSUP

Australia's dominant carrier, Telstra, is experiencing a total inability to support usual performance (TITSUP) on its mobile voice and data networks. The carrier has over 16 million subscribers, no mean feat in a nation of 23 million, and charges a premium for mobile services on the basis of its networks' reach and reliability …

  1. Phil Kingston

    My 2G's down too.

    Can make calls to landlines, but not mobiles. Can't receive calls from either. And data is up and down like a uppy downy thing.

  2. Gumby1


    I zipped passed a notice that they restarted a MiM and hence caused congestion. From our account minder.

    "Update from the MIM Bridge. A core switch restart has resulted in major congestion across the mobile network. Telstra is working with vendors to expedite a reduction asap. Expected to see progressive recovery but unsure how long this will take.

    The voice impact appears to be confined to m2m calls, mobiles to landline calls should be okay."

    Although I get fails to connect from landline to mobile at this point.

  3. Magani


    BOFH visiting Oz, is he?

  4. Anonymous Coward
    Anonymous Coward

    TXT seems to have been unaffected

    As the title says, so the network seems to be there. In TAS no Mobile voice or data at all.

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