Firefox Mobile. In-Page Anchors Not Working

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  1. Ali Um Bongo
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    Firefox Mobile. In-Page Anchors Not Working

    Anyone else finding that Firefox on Android no longer scrolls to in-page anchors, when using the El Reg site?

    For me, it seems to have started a month or so ago. I'm not sure whether it's an El Reg problem or a Firefox one, but this is the only site I notice it on.

    Symptoms are:

    * When up/down-voting a comment the page does not scroll back to the comment in question after reloading.

    * When clicking on the 'X days' link above one of your own comments in the 'My Posts' section, you are taken to the top of the page that comment is on, rather than scrolling to the actual comment itself.

    Both of these are making interacting with the commentardery aspects of the site a real pain in the arse,

  2. Marco Fontani

    Dunno what to say.... the permalink comment "a" element, has an ID, and the permalink asks the browser to go to #that_id.

    Works on any browser which does that... You might want to submit a bug report to them :|

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