back to article Wanted! A browser to replace Xombrero

Not a mainstream request this one perhaps, but over at El Reg Forums, 1980s coder is seeking some advice. Guys, what do you reckon? I'm looking for an alternative to the Xombrero web browser, now that it seems to be virtually unmaintained, and becoming increasingly out of date. I liked it because it worked well without a …

  1. Nuno

    SRWare Iron

    If your problem with Chromium is about privacy, SRWare Iron browser is based on Chromium, where you get Blink and V8, without the privacy problems that concern you.

  2. Mark Allen


    Go check out and the Vivaldi browser. It is being created by the guy who brought you the Opera browser (and all those innovative ideas that were then stolen by everyone else like tabbed browsing, searches in the address bar, speed dial, script blocking, blah blah blah)

    It is being based on Chrome, but customised heavily. Which includes taking out Google tracking. Go read their forums about it. It is still on version 1.0, but no doubt will tick a lot of your boxes.

    1. CAPS LOCK Silver badge

      Re: vivaldi

      Vivaldi is great - it carries on from where Opera 12 left off. It's already stable. Not too fast and no 'Off Road Mode' but still vee good.

  3. Dr. G. Freeman

    I use Epiphany at work (linux box), no problems with it, does everything I need (webmail, wikipedia, dictionary, El Reg) not flashy, but easy and simple.

  4. wolfetone Silver badge

    I can suggest PaleMoon. It's based on Firefox, but with all of the crap cut out of it.

    Vivaldi has also been mentioned, while it's good it tends to hog resources. It did so in my case anyway.

  5. allthecoolshortnamesweretaken Silver badge

    Anything that can be used comfortly without a mouse?

    1. wolfetone Silver badge
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