back to article EMC Federation to reveal new hyper-hyper converged appliances

EMC, VMware and VCE will soon announce a new range of hyper-converged appliances that EMC II CEO David Goulden says are game-changers. “For the last several months EMC and VMware partnered very closely to develop a new next-generation hyper-converged appliance family that uniquely leverages technology from EMC, VMware and VCE …

  1. Paul Hargreaves

    > EMC, VMware and VCE will soon...

    EMC, EMC and EMC will soon...

    “For the last several months EMC and EMC partnered very closely to develop a new next-generation hyper-converged appliance family that uniquely leverages technology from EMC, EMC and EMC..."

    Imagine a similar press release from, say HDS:

    Hitachi and HDS partnered very closely to develop a new.... that uses unique technology from Hitachi and HDS...

    It'd just look wierd.

    Also what technology does VCE own? Some 'engineers' who tune? (source:

    1. itsmith

      IBM, IBM, and IBM

      Funny, but it does show one thing, a company and it's subsidiaries are working together. Instead of EMC or Hitachi, imagine IBM. You would never hear, IBM,IBM, and IBM working together. I've never seen a company where one group is more willing to sabotage another group for the sake of a couple bucks. Partnering is poison there.

  2. SeanMMasters

    VSAN #1? Storage isn't hyper-convergence.

    1. Cloud, what..... Sorry... Um... - you just made that up.

      When you get right down to it hyper-convergence is just software defined storage. So you might well call it "just storage".

      1. itsmith

        Cloud, what

        I was explaining what hyper-converged was to someone the other day and while it's not only SDS, software defined storage, that's pretty much most of it. The rest is bells and whistles. If you look at Nutanix, it's hardware that's supposed to be generic, a hyper-visor, which is typically VMware, their special storage sauce, a network ( a little simpler then normal), and a single pane of glass for monitoring. The fact the VSAN/VMware doesn't own this space is shocking to me.

  3. This post has been deleted by its author

  4. Anonymous Coward
    Anonymous Coward

    how did that vspex blue work out for them?

    I heard they sold one of them. Knowing how they have approached HCI in the past with half assed software bundles that will eventually lead to more license purchases down the road, I can't put a lot of faith in the thrid iteration being that successful either. vSAN ready nodes -> EVO:FAIL -> vspexBlue all the same product line, all the same imaginary market penetration and none of those products can hold a candle to the Nutanix or SimpliVity offerings.

    Unless some fundamental shifts have been made in how these products have been re-imagined or re-engineered, this will be yet another waste of marketing dollars and R&D funds.

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