back to article IBM buys fraud sniffing biz for real-time protection

IBM has assimilated a German payment fraud prevention business, IRIS Analytics, a provider of a real-time fraud analytics engine using machine learning algorithms, for undisclosed terms. "By integrating IRIS Analytics with IBM's counter fraud technology, we will help organisations more accurately detect fraud at scale and …

  1. walter.bishop Silver badge

    IBM assimilated IRIS Analytics ..

    Assimilated .. like the Borg .. and that big sinister eye is a nice touch :)

  2. Anonymous Coward
    Anonymous Coward


    They good ones will escape when their handcuff come off.

  3. David 14

    Should have bought VeraFin....

    Just saying.... VeraFin would have been a bargain most likely... and very well respected product in same lineage....

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