back to article Qualcomm tries to figure out if Apple, Samsung made it anti-trusted

Sick of the slings and arrows of antitrust regulators, Qualcomm is demanding to know what its tattling customers have been saying to South Korea's Fair Trade Commission. In subpoenas [PDF, PDF] filed in the US District Court of Northern California last week, Qualy demands internal memos and documents from Samsung, Apple, Intel …

  1. Zola

    Surely it doesn't matter who dobbed them in

    if Qualcomm are guilty, which apparently they are, and have been found to be, on numerous occasions.

    If Qualcomm don't want their competitors dobbing them in to the competition authorities because of anti-competitive licensing, then don't make your partners sign anti-competitive licences for Qualcomm products.

    It's not fcking rocket science.

  2. Mage Silver badge


    Chips and products are only an inconvenience needed so their lawyers can extract maximum royalty from their victims.

    Qualcomm's requests should be thrown out by the court.

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