back to article So what's all this about 320k Time Warner Cable users being hacked?

Word is spreading that some 320,000 Time Warner Cable (TWC) customers have had their account information accessed by crooks. America's second-largest cable provider says that the FBI tipped it off to a huge cache of customer login credentials that appears to have been gathered by criminals. TWC told us it is notifying those …

  1. linicks

    Don't these Yank ISP's run a local network that is NAT'ed to the outside, like AOL (where are they gone - where's my BEER MATS delivered each week!)?

    Once you get into the private LAN, all your base belong to us?

  2. Efros


    I'm a TWC customer (I prefer the term hostage), fortunately I have been sufficiently distrustful of them to never have had a recurring payment with them so they have no recorded bank or credit card details from me, or at least they shouldn't have! Phew.

  3. a_yank_lurker Silver badge

    General Security Practice

    The best security advice I have see is to use a password manager to keep one's unique passwords for every log in. Thus, one only has one password to change if a site is breached.

    Another point is not trust links in emails, particularly is some email says there is a major problem with your account. Manually enter the address and see what is actually occurring.

  4. walter.bishop Silver badge

    TWC didn't get breached?

    "The most likely culprit is a phishing attack targeting TWC customers"

    Which begs the question as to why the passwords were stored in the clear, instead of a hashed/salted token like every other online system since the dawn of the computer age.

    1. DropBear Silver badge

      Re: TWC didn't get breached?

      You are aware that "phishing" means you click through to a malicious site impersonating the proper one, where you enter your credentials with your own two hands due to sheer stupidity being excessively gullible, yes...?

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