back to article Lenovo reveals its Nutanix hyper-spawn

Lenovo's relationship with Nutanix has been consumated, with the Chinese kit-maker revealing its hyperconverged boxen running the latter's software. There are three models in the “HX Series” of hyperconverged appliances. The HX3500 is a “compute-heavy” appliance aimed at desktop virtualisation and smaller virtual machine …

  1. SniperPenguin

    Only one winner here.....


    They sell hardware no matter what route you take (and with the aggressive pricing that the distributors are kicking out, they will win some too).

    All they need is a decent SAN, rather than decade-old rebadged IBM kit (Although the new Lenovo made S-series are decent cheap MSA alternatives, if a little basic)

  2. Martijn Otto

    Does this come with preinstalled root certificates or have they found a new way to spy on users?

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