back to article Fujitsu CTO: Analysts might think we're 'crazy', but OpenStack here we come

Fujitsu EMEA’s chief techie has dismissed the naysayers as the organisation embarks on a five-year project to migrate all of its internal systems to OpenStack. According to 451Research, the OpenStack tech market will swell to $3.3bn in 2018, although reaching that level will not be without challenges, which Dr Joseph Reger, …

  1. whiz

    "Helion Private Cloud"

    Did u say HP Helion ... the program thats shut down.

    Yeah Right.

    1. Paul Kunert

      No, no, no sir

      Almost... HPE is actually about to close Helion Public Cloud. Come on, keep up

    2. Trevor_Pott Gold badge

      Helion Public cloud is closing. Helion private cloud is in fact doign quite well and finding more and more customers each quarter.

  2. pyite


    I replaced some Novell Netware servers with Linux in 1997 using NCP at first (later Samba). OpenStack is MUCH further along than Linux was back then, IMO.

    Also, I wish the author would expand on the scalability limitations. Are you talking about limitations in the Horizon UI or with the system itself?

    1. jtaylor

      Re: FWIW

      I'm also curious about these scalability limitations. The hardware can scale horizontally very well, although I'm not sure about the controller node. Most of the performance problems I've heard about can be traced back to decisions at that specific site: for example, ceph isn't the fastest storage option.

      Anyway, it's exciting to read how many companies are getting into OpenStack!

  3. Lord_Beavis

    “The negative reports you are reading about are customers who took the community release and thought they could do it themselves; quite a bit of complexity there, better to work for somebody who is a service provider for that kind of stuff"

    A little slap on Munich's face there?

  4. jsmanrique

    Fujitsu numbers in OpenStack community

    At least the numbers from Fujitsu contribution to OpenStack as community member are clear:

    They are contributing more and more, and started as many other, asking questions in the mailing lists 1.5 years ago. It's a typical pattern, people from the company start asking questions in the mailing lists, then they start to review issues, and last they start to contribute through regular code review process...

    If you need more data, you can always ask for reports to Bitergia (, they produce the ones for OpenStack Foundation:

  5. Probie

    Its hard

    OpenStack is not easy, not by a long shot, my favourite saying is:

    "I can tell you 500 hundred ways NOT to install and configure OpenStack, and maybe 5 on how to successfully install and configure OpenStack" the community documentation seems detailed, but it is woefully inadequate. The AIO distributions will get you up an running very well, but you get no idea how things are plumbed together and they compromise the value of OpenStack and "do it yourself". Canonical "may" be an exception to this but I suspect not.

    Its darn'd hard so I think Fujitsu, HP, Mirantis, are all on the right trajectory, but... until it gets "Vmware" piss simple to install and configure AND maintain then the adoption is only for those with deep deep pockets. Then again honestly who actually NEEDS a private cloud opposed to visualization with a level of automation?

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