back to article NSW government mulls unified public safety comms

The government of the Australian state of New South Wales has completed a review of emergency services telecommunications, and has decided it wants a single statewide network. The review (PDF here), conducted by the NSW Telco Authority, concludes there's no point to having individual agencies own and operate their own networks …

  1. Anonymous Coward

    Maybe NSW should ask the SA government how their communications system is going.

    (Thankfully, WICEN NSW is fairly active.)

    1. Anonymous Coward
      Anonymous Coward

      I wonder why

      More issues in the US with floored radio systems

      Wicen and co use tried and test technology stack :-)

  2. FozzyBear Silver badge


    000 Operator : Hello Which emergency service

    Caller: ambulance My Husband is having a heart attack.

    000 Operator: Unfortunately they are all busy at the moment. Have you considered upgrading your current plan to our $60 / month premium plan. It provides priority queue to the emergency service, gives an extra 100 minutes talk time and gives you an additional 500MB of data each month

    Caller. Really!, but I still have 3 months left on my current contract.

    Operator: That's not a problem if you sign up now we'll waiver the usual exit fee and even give you the choice of a new handset or a tablet

    Caller Excellent sign me up.

    <Clickety click>

    Operator: Ok all done you should receive all that in the mail in three days time. Oh look a line has just opened up for the ambulance.

    Caller: Umm don't bother can you put me through to the local funeral director.

    Operator: Sure, and thank you for calling Telstra, umm I mean emergency services

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