back to article Capita increases share of public sector revenue to measly £1.8bn

Capita slurped up £1.8bn in public sector spending last year, a 12 per cent increase on the previous year, according to research from analysts TechMarketView. Overall the top 20 suppliers of software and services to the public sector fared better than previous years, posting overall revenue of £10.7bn, an increase of three per …

  1. Anonymous Coward
    Anonymous Coward

    What's this? An *almost* positive story about Capita from the Reg?

    Has the earth stopped turning?

    AC as I may well work for one of the affected parties.....

  2. Graham Marsden

    "they must be doing something right"

    Ker-ching! "Trebles all round, chaps!" - Crapita's Board

    1. Anonymous Coward
      Anonymous Coward

      Re: "they must be doing something right"

      "Trebles all round, chaps!" - Crapita's Board

      Wasn't just me that noticed the missing r from the headline then ......

      (anon as they've just put in a bid on a project i'm babysitting ... shudder ....)

  3. auburnman

    "Over the years in question, the relationship between UK Government – notably the Cabinet Office – and the large systems integrators, in particular, became increasingly strained"

    This wouldn't be at all related to the embarrassment of the Olympics where the government had to get the Army in to cover the incompetence of large systems integrators, would it?

    1. Ozymandias

      Well I'd call G4S a BPO rather than an SI, but the discontent goes back a long way further than that - the aborted National Programme for IT in the NHS being the biggest in a succession of SI-led, £billions over-budget, years-late, never-worked programmes that sprayed political shrapnel all over various governments.

      Francis Maude tells the tale of the first days of the last government when he dragged the top 5 SIs into Cabinet Office and the conversation went along the lines of:

      right you've been fleecing us for years, the game changes as of today. You have these major contracts running for years, and they're far too expensive. You can either cut 1/3 off the cost immediately, same service, or you'll never win another HMG contract, what's it to be?

      I guess Capita played the long game...

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