back to article What America's drone owner database could look like in future

A task force assembled by the US Federal Aviation Administration (FAA) has revealed its suggestions for personal drone registration in the US. The team's recommendations [PDF] aim to serve as an outline for the FAA as it moves forward with a plan to craft registration requirements for personal-use drones. By registering …

  1. Anonymous Coward
    Anonymous Coward

    Check me on this...

    ... but exactly track every (potential) drone heavier than .55# shipped across the border. It'll be a boon to makers.

    1. NoneSuch Silver badge

      Drones must be registered

      Cuz they're dangerous. Yet, I can go to a gun show and pick up an AR-15 with ten x thirty round mags over the counter for cash.

      Screwed up priorities there Yanks.

      1. zen1

        Not completely true

        Said purchaser MUST complete a background check for the ATF. The only loophole, which I think they should close, is a "straw sale", when a private individual sells a weapon to another private individual. In most states, going through a federal firearms dealer isn't required.

        They should require all weapons sales to go through a FFL holding broker and as usual, a firearms background check should be mandatory.

        1. Eddy Ito Silver badge

          Re: Not completely true

          A straw sale is actually when the sale is to a person who is legally able purchase a firearm but is buying a it for someone who is prohibited from buying or owning a firearm. Lots of younger folks often get their slightly older friends to buy their alcohol, this is a straw sale and whether it's alcohol or firearms it is illegal.

          What you are describing is a private party who has a firearm and is selling it to another private party which is little different from a car, a chair or any other sales between two private parties. This is not a straw sale/purchase but is instead a regular sales transaction and is legal. I can sell alcohol that I own to another party that I believe is legally able to purchase it and it is no different with firearms or cars or cell phones.

          It should be plainly obvious that even if "all" sales were required to go through an FFL, it is highly unlikely that criminals will bother with the extra paperwork. All it does is add a de facto tax on the transaction for normal law abiding folks and does absolutely nothing to hinder criminals. It also doesn't even make for an adder on the list of criminal offenses as it's already illegal to sell firearms to criminals and it's already illegal for criminals to buy firearms so it's not something the DOJ could potentially bargain with since criminals would be able to claim that it violates their Constitutional rights with regard to self incrimination.

  2. Mark 85 Silver badge

    Register online and no check of ID?

    Sounds like this will work.... as pure eyewash.

  3. imanidiot Silver badge

    Yes please

    "Other recommendations include requiring drone owners to memorize at least some of the FAA's "Know Before You Fly" safety guidelines when registering their drones."

    Preferably more than just some of them. They are very basic rules. Anyone should be able to learn and understand them in a few minutes. And its basic info for any airman. So why NOT require a person registering a craft to learn all of them.

    I'd even support a multi tiered system where flying anything heavier than say 2 kg (i.e. a professional camera multicopter) requires a much more substential knowledge of air law than just the basics.

    1. Trevor_Pott Gold badge

      Re: Yes please

      ...and privacy law.

  4. a well wisher

    Do they think the people who want to fly 'off piste' are really likely to register ?

    Just like DVD anti -piracy messages at the front of DVD playback only going to penalize the guys whos doing the right thing

  5. Luke Worm

    It’s like you must register your car but you don’t need a driver’s license to use it. Just click “Agree” on the screen (like for software licenses), put a sticker on your drone and off you go.

  6. Anonymous Coward
    Anonymous Coward

    Wont stop

    fly-aways, wont stop idiots.

    The last i heard was that the manufacturers were going to implement a "map" that would stop it flying near particular sets of GPS coordinates. OK, they (users) will just turn of the GPS... Genie is out, not be easy to bottle...

  7. Bc1609

    Of course this won't stop people flying unregistered drones...

    ...but that's not really the point. Well, it might stop a handful of more law-abiding citizens, but we don't really care about them. The purpose of registering drones, or having no-fly zones, or any of the legal solutions is not to magically change behaviour, but to provide the ability to prosecute even if no other illegal activity can be proved, and to grant physical/technical solutions the legal authority to operate.

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