back to article Make room, Cisco's punters flocking to ACI ... yep, all 150 of them

One hundred and fifty customers across the globe have taken a seat on Cisco's Application-Centric Infrastructure bandwagon that started rolling 15 months ago, we can reveal. ACI – Cisco's answer to software-defined networking – is a programmable Ethernet Fabric that couples software and hardware. The product was initially …

  1. Jon Massey

    Herdwicks are back!

    Nice to see them here again.

    Has el reg considered expanding their sheep photo repertoire? Maybe give some of the rarer breeds a look in - you can't beat a nice Soay or even a Jacob (cracking horns)!

  2. Cloud, what..... Sorry... Um... - you just made that up.

    No suprise here then

    Very few people fooled by the marketing software defined nonsense then...

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