back to article Huawei Q3 shipments soar, expects to shift 100 million mobes abroad this year

Huawei saw year-on-year smartphone shipments spike 63 per cent in its third quarter. The Chinese tech company said it was "proud" of the growth in smartphone sales that it had witnessed outside of the People's Republic. “At this rate, we are confident in our ability to reach our smartphone shipment target of 100 million units …

  1. Your alien overlord - fear me

    Who are we, we're number one !!!

  2. Martin 47

    Huawei has been largely frozen out of the US market, after the White House cited national security concerns.

    Well that caused a spike in my irony meter.

    1. Charles Manning

      That freeze-out has helped internationally.

      White House: "national security concerns."

      Translation: "If you buy Huawei, the NSA can't turn on their backdoors."

  3. djstardust Silver badge

    Honor 7

    Great phone, even better with the regular discounts to £210.00

    The Galaxy S6 is a couple of hundred quid more but not a couple of hundred quid better, that's for sure.

    Problem is that the operators don't want to sell these cheap handsets as they get far more turnover selling Samsung and Apple handsets on £50 per month plus contracts.

    Until people wise up and get far cheaper sim free handsets and sim only data plans this won't change.

    1. lybad
      Thumb Up

      Re: Honor 7

      Except of course, 3, who have sold the Honor 6+ in the past, and the 7 now.

  4. Charles Manning

    Well this has obviously been coming

    While Apple and Samsung have their little leadership fight on the side of the road Huawei goes roaring past.

  5. J J Carter Silver badge

    How is that pronounced? Hawoo-way? Way-hey? You-eh? No-one knows!

    1. LINCARD1000

      According to the people who work for the company, "Wah-way" - the H being one of those strong, silent types.

      1. Ru'

        ...and "who are we" to those who don't work at the company...

  6. tiesx150

    I assume this is mainly due to the 6P Nexus device which has received some Awesome reviews?

    Other phone manufacturers please take note!......

    Customers want devices with non of their 'bundled shite' and 'overlays' and lack of software updates when they want to push their next devices

    Huwawei have always been a small player in the mobile phone world with modest success until fairly recently. It takes manufacturers a good few handsets and years to build up a good reputation and following ( and lot less to lose it ),

    They stuck their necks out and managed to secure partnership with Google to provide one of the Nexus line phones and they did well! Pretty much instant demand and sticks them in the spotlight for the next year at least. I can see good things to come with their mobile fortunes, i just hope they can make them pretty damn fast to keep up with demand

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