back to article ICANN CEO, internet community heads clash in accountability row

The CEO of ICANN got his facts wrong during high-level talks on limiting the power of the domain-name overseer, it is claimed. Fadi Chehade gave a presentation to ICANN's Governmental Advisory Committee (GAC) at the organization's triannual meeting in Dublin this week in which he provided his "personal view" on a year-long …

  1. G Mac

    Hmm that is really a non-answer...

    "There is no question about the binding nature of arbitration in the designator model, and ICANN has provided materials to support that position," the DNS overlord told us in a statement.

    So the answer to the question is it is/could be/may be a NO to being binding? All you have to say is that it *IS* binding, end of story.

    How to answer with a question about a question. I really hate that.

    And of course it is a deflection on the member modal proposal...

  2. Paul Shirley

    time for the FIFA solution

    May be time to find out what the current board are so desperate to keep control of. A few early morning raids to establish why ICANN seem to be leaking money so fast might be useful, even if it doesn't force them out immediately it should stop the slow wearing down of opposition were currently seeing while they're under suspicion.

    Hard to imagine any legitimate (in any sane persons mind) reason for this level of resistance. Lying in public, to gov reps, hard to ignore that.

  3. Will Godfrey Silver badge

    They have to go

    The entire board must be got rid of. There simply is no other answer. Even if they were over-ridden they would still weasel round any restrictions.

  4. cs94njw

    The BALLS of these guys. Who setup the organization? Time for some mass firings I think :(

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