back to article Neutrino exploit kit attacks hit thousands of Magento shops

Researchers are warning of a bumbling but large campaign against Magento-powered ecommerce sites that is redirecting users to the Neutrino exploit kit. It is unclear how many sites have been popped, but admins will notice this drop-dead dumb hint: the attack includes a file named neutrino.php. Websites using eBay's Magento …

  1. Mage Silver badge


    I've had Magento hacked. It seems ugly to set up the directories securely on some hosting.

    I seen other serious vulnerabilities listed.

    Is there a decent open source eShop package that:

    a) Is secure

    b) Easy to update / upgrade

    c) not monsterous to add 1000s of items with thumbnails and related documents

    d) Handles 1000s of parts of similar type as single entry with buttons/checkboxes/drop down list to select attribute of part (colour, size, rating etc).

    1. Anonymous Coward
      Anonymous Coward

      Re: Alternatives?


  2. alexmorco


    Security is a most important thing, If the hosting company doesn't provide your server and backup security, then, you don't need to go with them, I am using Cloudways which is fully managed and secured from both sides.

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