back to article Modularity for all! The data centres you actually want to build

Portability and modularity in the world of data centres aren’t new: for years, they’ve been something unique to the military and others operating in either temporary or hostile environments. You put your data center gear in a ruggedised and self-supporting unit of some kind and walk away, managing it remotely. Increasingly, …

  1. Fatman Silver badge

    And, with a bit of forward thinking, allows for easy upgrade too....

    One of the advantages of these modular PODs is their relative ease and quickness of installation. If installed outdoors, provide power, communications and if required cooling, drop it in and you are done.

    IF you did your initial planning correctly, you installed the necessary connections for a second location at the same time. When it is time to "upgrade" bring in the new container, connect it, and power it up. Move everything from old to new, and haul away the old one, thus freeing up the old space for the expected (future) replacement. Much better than dealing with replacing individual boxes in racks.

  2. ATeal

    Where are the pictures?

    No pictures. I am sad.

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