back to article I was GOOGLE for a MINUTE, claims quick-witted dude

Google is investigating how an Amazon intern "bought" its domain. The Mountain View giant said it had not "noticed anything unusual" and that it didn't lose control of the domain. Beyond that, the company is keeping mum. Intern Sanmay Ved says he noticed was available for sale, and quickly "purchased" it …

  1. m0rt Silver badge

    Forget Ion-Cannon. Just point that domain at whatever ip address you like and you have brought them down. And the datacentre they were hosted in.

    Bored tech workers burning with idle curiosity are probably the reason that modern day society will finally collapse.

    1. Stuart 22

      Shoddy Journalism!

      Missed the important question. Did he get his $12 back?

      1. The First Dave

        Re: Shoddy Journalism!

        Pics or it didn't happen.

    2. Yet Another Anonymous coward Silver badge

      Or spam from it and get blacklisted ;-)

    3. Crazy Operations Guy Silver badge

      The LOIC has nothing on BGP misconfigurations

      I've found that installing a BGP daemon in a datacenter that has unrestricted internet access, then having it advertise all routes with a cost of 1 brings down a data center fairly easy...

      Accidentally did it as part of test lab while testing a carrier-grade NAT with BGP routers behind it (The BGP routers would advertise self-assigned AS numbers for private ranges (The theory being that those routers would see my router with a cost of 1 for everything and push their traffic through it where it would get translated and re-routed onto the actual internet using 'real' IP addresses). The project was to test doing carrier-grade NAT without needing DHCP and to allow using either IPv4 or IPv6 internally and still allow for IPv4 or 6 on the outside.

  2. Anonymous Coward
    Anonymous Coward

    Was his name really Daniel Goncalves ?

  3. This post has been deleted by its author

  4. Your alien overlord - fear me

    Microsoft did the same a few years ago so not a first.

    Also, I've a few domain names myself and one thing is once you buy one, it's then locked for a month and can't be transferred. How did Google get it back without breaking ICANN rules?

    Also, for historic reference (requires signing up for a free trial so can't be bothered)...

    1. d3vy Silver badge

      They didn't... it was never transferred to him.

      Its the same as me listing your car on ebay... someone might buy it but it wont become theirs!

      1. d3vy Silver badge

        Seriously two thumbs down for pointing out that despite his claims he didn't actually own or have control over the domain...

      2. Martin Summers Silver badge

        Have a thumbs up from me cos you're right!

  5. Anonymous Coward
    Anonymous Coward

    I wonder if he didn't just type in \ (note the space) and the front end approved it because it didn't match some poor regex, and the backend stripped the space before continuing because it had the 'approved' flag set.

  6. Sorry that handle is already taken. Silver badge


    Goldeneye is on TV right now

  7. Anonymous Coward
    Anonymous Coward


    WHOIS shows that the domain was updated in 2011 and wont expire until 2020...

    He might have "bought" the domain in that he paid and a flag somewhere in an eCommerce database briefly said it was his but to claim he owned it is ridiculous.

    The daily mail reported this yesterday, I can excuse them because its the daily mail - Im surprised that they manage to understand enough of the world to put their pants on in the morning... I was expecting more from a tech news web site though!

    1. Just Enough

      Re: Optional

      You must have missed the keyword in the headline; "claims". This is journalist code for "I'm not vouching for any of the following."

  8. Anonymous Coward
    Anonymous Coward

    Kinda makes you wonder, though, if someone had the knowledge of what such an admin console can do, sets up an automated script to do whatfor, finds such an opening, snaps it up, apparently gets permissions, and then as soon as it hits, before it goes away, sends this payload. Meaning having admin control, even for a few seconds, could be enough to wreak havoc if someone was playing with this goal in mind.

    1. d3vy Silver badge

      Are you suggesting an automated script to snipe peoples domains as soon as they expire?

      You know that exists - there are companies built around doing just that.

      The way .com renewals work (I assume its not changed) is once your domain expires it sits in a lapsed state where only the original owner can renew it for (I think) 14 days after that its back on the open market.. thats when they strike, buy your domain and hope that youll pay through the nose to get it back.

      1. werdsmith Silver badge

        Yes these are called dropcatchers.

        Once the new gTLDs become established, finding appropriate names won't be so difficult. But I expect .coms to become like cherished regs.

  9. Rick Giles

    If that were to happen to anyone else

    It would be "To bad, so sad. It's not yours anymore."

    1. d3vy Silver badge

      Re: If that were to happen to anyone else

      No.. It didn't get transfered to him... So nothing to transfer back.

    2. d3vy Silver badge

      Re: If that were to happen to anyone else

      Buying a domain that is currently owned by someone isn't something that you can do by accident as the current owner needs to unlock it first.

      So while he may have paid money for the domain, unless someone at google was having a moment of madness, unlocked the domain and then processed his request to transfer it... it was never in his ownership.

      If the domain had expired it might be plausible but as we can see (its public information) the domain isnt due to expire for five years so for someone to take ownership of it would require manual intervention from someone at google.

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