back to article Fujitsu fleshes out Ceph hyperscale CD10000 with cost-saving tweaks

Fujitsu has moved on from its first generation Ceph-based ETERNUS CD10000, a hyperscale system, to the S2 version, and reduced its raw capacity from 56PB to 42PB in the process, while increasing the storage node options. The basic idea of up to 224 scale-out nodes stays in place, but the storage node types have altered. The S1 …

  1. Anonymous Coward
    Anonymous Coward

    But its still CEPH

    I hear Fujitsu is big in japan, everywhere else, not so much.

    Poor market understanding and products like this are probably a good reason why.

    1. Anonymous Coward
      Anonymous Coward

      Re: But its still CEPH

      Does it matter. If it is enterprise grade, it shouldn't matter. Right?

      BTW how does this compare to the rubrik's of the world -- the new fangled backup/ recovery stuff

    2. FReichart

      Re: But its still CEPH

      Dear Anonymous,

      Fujitsu's successful storage business in Japan was globalized in 2010 and quickly grew in EMEA where we have a large base of satisfied customers. We can also demonstrate good reference cases in Asia Pacific and in the US. We clearly see a build-up of software-defined storage implementations in the hyper-scale storage segment and Ceph is the leading technology in this area. At the OpenStack Summit in Vancouver around 40% of OpenStack users rated Ceph as their preferred storage technology. This is why we decided to offer a complete storage solution based on Ceph helping early adopters to use the new storage paradigm in a much more easy way and with full support. Out of this market understanding we added this new storage category to our "classical" portfolio of ETERNUS RAID systems, backup appliances, flash arrays and tape libraries allowing us to serve various storage needs. Non-anonymously, Frank Reichart, Sen. Dir. Product Marketing Storage, Fujitsu

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