back to article Put all your eggs in one basket – and by eggs we mean GPU-heavy apps and by basket, Azure

Microsoft will add a new N-series of virtual machines to its Azure cloud that are boosted by Nvidia's graphics accelerators. It's going to be announced today that people spinning up Windows or Linux in the N-series VMs will be able to access virtualized GPUs in Azure using Nvidia's GRID technology. These virtual machines will …

  1. malle-herbert

    And by putting...

    You mean : Don't...

  2. Anonymous Coward
    Anonymous Coward

    Seeing as no one else has asked the question yet, Can it play crysis?

  3. Angus Wood


    I've used the AWS NVidia GPU instances to real-time render OpenGL apps and stream the resultant X framebuffer over the interwebs and have to say it works very well. Not tried Azure but if it's based on the same tech it could be useful.

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