back to article Labor floats 'startup loans' for youngsters

Perhaps to counter the rapturous reception the tech sector has given new prime minister Malcolm Turnbull, Australia's opposition has floated the idea of government loans for youngsters with a startup idea. Pitched by way of a drop to the Sydney Morning Herald, Labor leader Bill Shorten reckons his thought bubble will encourage …

  1. Griffo

    Better than nothing..

    While times have certainly changed, the company i work for was started with a credit card as the only line of credit. Now it's a multi billion dollar company employing 5000 people...

    While this idea might be a thought bubble, at least it's an idea to drive some innovation. Better than the current lots idea of Coal being King.

  2. Denarius

    Uni Students risk taking ?

    does this need encouraging ? Just saying...

    1. Gavin King

      Re: Uni Students risk taking ?

      Maybe it should be phrased as redirecting the risk-taking amongst students? Living in a student town, I think that would be a wonderful thing.

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