back to article Web Summit looks at new homes ... this time with sun and decent Wi-Fi

Web Summit – one of Europe’s biggest tech events, attracting more than 20,000 visitors – is on the lookout for a new home. Founded in Ireland by Paddy Cosgrave, the event, which has grown massively in recent years, has always been held in Dublin. But problems in accommodating its size have led organisers to consider other …

  1. Len Silver badge


    While Amsterdam would probably not be a bad choice (easy to get to from just about anywhere thanks to Schiphol Airport, plenty of big conference venues and things to do around the conference) I'd prefer Lisbon simply because of the climate.

    The upside is also that it gives some flexibility planning-wise. You could easily do it as early as the end of February or as late as October and still have nice weather. Quite useful in an already crowded conference calendar.

  2. John 73

    "Dublin hoteliers may already have killed the goose that laid the golden eggs, with attendees last year complaining that hotels had cynically raising prices by up to 500 per cent for the days of the summit."

    So that will be bog-standard economics in action, then? Increase demand for a constant supply, and the price will go up. Anyone familiar with other popular trade shows and conferences will have seen the same effect everywhere (except places like New York, where the almost-constant supply of such shows means that prices are high all the time!).

  3. Chris Hawkins

    My Vote - Lisbon

    Lisbon would be an excellent venue not only because of the climate.

    Portugal and Lisbon has a vibrant IT start-up scene and MEO,NOS and Vodafone offer excellent quality ISP fibre-optic services.

    Lisbon Airport also has direct links to many more European, North American,South American hubs than Dublin with Turkish, Emirates and Qatar offering daily links to the Middle/Far East.

  4. Jim 59

    Turn it into an outdoor festival and shove it in Phoenix Park. Now that'll test the WiFi.

    Amsterdam? No proper Guinness.

  5. graeme leggett

    SPF50 in sunnier climes

    Always advisable whether you're a milk-white redheaded denizen of the fluorescent illuminated server room or a swarthier why-don't-you-come--out-to-our-Spanish-villa exec.

    UV is no respecter of job position.

  6. Steve Davies 3 Silver badge

    How about a Greek Island?

    I'm sure that some of the larger ones would welcome the event with open arms. After all, they need the money.

    1. Anonymous Coward
      Anonymous Coward

      Re: How about a Greek Island?

      Go to a resort and hold it across a bunch of 'tavernas' offering free WiFi. That'll test the networking and the ability of the human body to process cheese pie.

      Anon cos in Corfu at moment waiting for pool to come out of shadow.

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