back to article HDS fills in the available blank space in VSP range

HDS has released the last new mid-range member of its VSP data centre disk array range, the G800, with its configuration perhaps indicating a high-end refresh is coming. The G800 was announced in April with its availability revealed in a Mike Nalls blog with no formal announcement. Nalls is an HDS senior product manager. …

  1. Cloud 9

    My bleeding eyes ...

    A new level of fugli has descended on the world of storage bezels ..

    1. madanko

      Re: My bleeding eyes ...

      hahaha I was about to comment on this!

      Come to think of it, it looks like a NASCAR flag and it says something. It says, "i'm fast" and "featureless". Classic HDS

  2. teh d

    G800 specs not a sign of imminent high-end refresh

    But, Chris's reading of said specs is a sign he does not understand the relationship between the G1000 and the rest of the G-series boxes. The G1000 is the inheritor of HDS's long line of enterprise arrays, which includes as part of its design the ability to guarantee 100% uptime if the customer requires. Not 5 9s or 6 9s, 100%. That is why the drive expansions are bigger, to ensure continued uptime even with the failure of an entire drive enclosure. This also makes the back-end disk configuration more constrained. The other G-series boxes are fully modular, which offers more flexibility in the back-end disk config, but with the tradeoff being a more traditional 5+ 9s of availability rather than 100%. Also, very few people who work with these boxes care about the supported SSD count. If you want flash on these arrays, you use the FMDs.

    Not an HDS employee, btw, just someone who has worked with their products since the 7700E and 5846 days.

    1. kiwistorageguy

      Re: G800 specs not a sign of imminent high-end refresh

      Note: ex HDS employee...

      Just to clarify - when you say guarantee uptime 100%, I think you may be thinking of the 100% data availability guarantee, which lasts for 12 months after install.

      What that says is that you will not lose data in the event of a failure, and if you do they will refund you a percentage of purchase price.

      Very different, no one will guarantee that you will stay up 100%, too many factors to consider.

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