back to article Net scum respect their elders so long as it leads to p0wnage

Net scum are employing both cool new attacks like the Angler exploit kit and oldies-but-goodies such as macroviruses in their undergoing something of a generational clash, with Cisco reporting both Word macros and the sophisticated Angler exploit kit are the most popular attack vectors this year. Blackhats dumped macros as an …

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    1. Mark 85 Silver badge

      The scary part is, it's possible some variation of that will appear. But an upvote for the laugh.

  2. theOtherJT

    Wouldn't even have to make the effort in a lot of places...

    attackers go to some length to convince users to re-activate macros and ignore security warnings before running their malicious code.

    We're forced to run quite a few of our machines with all the macro security settings turned off anyway because some of the godawful "web" software foisted on us by central management doesn't work if you turn them on :(

  3. channel extended

    People are people.

    Remember, stupid is forever.

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