back to article Vodafonica’s Cornerstone missing its UK coverage target, says report

The “Vodafonica” project Cornerstone, which aimed to combine the O2 and Vodafone network infrastructure, will fail to meet its self-set target of 98 per cent UK population coverage this year. When the deal was announced in 2012, it was seen as the route to both better coverage and cost savings. While O2 and Vodafone use …

  1. A Non e-mouse Silver badge

    O2 & WifI Calling

    There's a post in the O2 Community Forums which claims that WiFi Calling is coming soon to O2.

    1. Anonymous Coward
      Anonymous Coward

      Re: O2 & WifI Calling

      WiFi Calling is coming soon to O2.

      What, a bit of a makeover of the utterly crap Tugo service that allows you to make outbound calls unreliably over wifi, and with latencies that would shame Voyager? I used to have the Orange SIgnalboost app, which nominally allowed inbound and outbound calls over UMA and wifi. That wasn't much less crap than Tugo, so my hopes aren't high.

      Mobile operators seem to understand nothing of user's requirements. Or they simply don't care.

  2. spannerpog

    Don't blame us....

    I just don't buy their excuses. My most recent dropped call (a business one) was on a main road about 500m from the Vodafone HQ in Newbury. Forget 4G, I'd like to be able to reliably make phone calls.

  3. paulf Silver badge

    Sub-head: "If only it was all share and share alike for O2 and Vodafone"

    The sub-head suggests the two halves of Vodafonica* have not worked equally towards their coverage target. This isn't referenced further in the article that I can see. I understand that the Sub-head may be written by a Sub-Ed rather than the article author but some clarification would be useful.

    *"Vodafone will be looking after network maintenance in the West of the UK and Wales, while O2 will be looking after the East, including Northern Ireland."

  4. James 100


    I was wondering what the O2-Three combination meant for Cornerstone and MBNL, since that would seem to mean the UK would be down to two genuinely separate networks, with O2 and Three customers using both of them - a bizarre situation. I'd have expected some sort of announcement of plans, or at least a leak, by now!

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