back to article DSSD bridges access latency gap with NVMe fabric flash magic

EMC’s DSSD aims to bridge the gaping access latency chasm between networked arrays and PCIe server flash cards with its DSSD array hooked up to servers across an NVMe fabric. This form of externalised PCIe fabric networking is likely to be the future of all networked all-flash arrays, as it gets rid of existing network access …

  1. Anonymous C0ward

    Double Sided / Single Density?

  2. Bobsbuddy

    So how do I get 2,304 Xeon cpu's into a 64node hyper converged platform? Are we confusing cores with sockets, or is there a new 36 socket x86 motherboard getting around?

  3. tostaypuft

    IDF Slides

    Chris - IDF slides are up

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