back to article Smartphone sales looking rosy for Asus, despite PC meltdown

While the mobe power base is shifting from the traditional players to the new upstarts, with Samsung and HTC suffering at the hands of Huawei and Xiaomi, Asus is having a good time in the good old handset market. Sales were up from three million in the first quarter to five million in the second and the company is predicting …

  1. Dr_N Silver badge

    Happy Asus phone customer here.

    Padfone Mini (Zenfone 4 version) surprisingly good.

    Even with an older Intel chipset.

  2. vmistery

    "NT$99.37bn (£1.98)," I will have that exchange rate please :)

  3. Chairo

    So they make a phone that people actually want

    and it is selling well. What a surprise!

    Perhaps HTC, Samsung and the other traditional handset makers could ask themselves the question - what did we lose that they have now?

    Is it so difficult to offer a decent feature set for a reasonable price?

    Well, apparently it is...

    1. oolor

      Re: So they make a phone that people actually want

      Which explains the nearly 7% dividend yield.

      I've always liked this company as an investment AND their products. They also happened to make the guts of most my old non-ASUS compys kicking around. Funny that. Not that big of a company, so they don't need to own the market, just sell a good product with a good margin.

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