back to article It's Friday! Had a good week? It was probably better than Seagate's

In keeping with its warning, Seagate confirmed a revenue and profits decline as its mainstay desktop and notebook drive shipments tumbled for the third straight quarter. Enterprise drive shipments also declined in the fourth quarter of fiscal 2015, as did branded (consumer drives), although consumer electronics shipments rose …

  1. UncleDave

    Seagate, never again.

    That is all.

  2. Trevor_Pott Gold badge


    Pay dearly for that, Seagate. Pay dearly.

    1. DaveCummings

      Re: ST3000DM001

      I agree totally - replaced 10 times now. now out of warranty and used as a paper weight. awful bit of hardware, will never buy seagate disks again. ever.

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