back to article Borg patches enterprise ASR router DoS hole

Cisco has closed a hole in its ASR 1000 line of enterprise and service provider-grade routers that could trigger denial of service. Attackers can exploit the hole by crafting a series of packets that cause the routers to reload and cut net services. The Borg says it has not witnessed attacks in the wild. "A vulnerability in …

  1. Woodgie

    If this is the same DoS bug as recounted here, then yes, it's been seen in the wild!

    1. Woodgie

      Yep, wrong, on my phone and misread ASR for ASA. Time for reading glasses...

  2. Ian-H

    Anyone still running IOS XE 2.x code needs a bit of a slapping, the most up to date version, 2.6.2, was last patched in 2010... Good results at scale with 3.10S and 3.13S, would strongly suggest the upgrade.

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