back to article US beats Iran as Japan's tincan footie team wins robot World Cup

American and Iranian robots faced off on Wednesday in a battle which even the most positive end to the nations' recent nuclear talks could not avert. The RoboCup featured 175 robot teams from 47 different countries and regions, according to the China Daily. For the teams – who competed in several size categories – the RoboCup …

  1. Anonymaus Cowark

    USA beats Iran and nobody comments?

    1. knarf

      But US agreed to give Iran extra batteries

  2. John Robson Silver badge


    Were the robots provided?

    So it was an AI test, rather than a robotics one?

  3. Ugotta B. Kiddingme

    nice competition

    I thought it pretty nifty that the robot was able to right itself when falling over (0:50 mark). It's also entirely plausible that I am too easily impressed...

    I mentor a prep school robotics team and really enjoy guiding/encouraging the next generation of engineers/programmers/roboticists

  4. Christian Berger Silver badge

    It's so humane

    I think it was 2005 when the RoboCup was in Germany. A German public TV station had several hours of live coverage of it.

    I have to say it's much more humane than human football. You see a player trying to score a goal with the goalkeeper in it. It looks at the ball, then the goal, then the ball then the goal again, before repositioning itself and repeating the process.

    Then it carefully lifts its leg, raising its arms to balance before putting it down again and repeating the process. Then it pulls back it's leg and kicks. It falls over backwards, but somehow was able to give the ball a gentle nudge making it roll slowly towards the goal.

    The goal keeper watches the ball and promptly reacts by spreading its legs watching the ball as it rolls in between the legs.

    No superhuman athletes, but performances we all can can identify with. That's humane football.

    1. Captain DaFt

      Re: It's so humane


      I wasn't aware that the robots had attained elementary school team levels of performance.

  5. Ru'

    Hopefully there'll be an out-take video compilation somewhere. For some reason I can't stop laughing at the little walking-like-they've-shat-themselves robots when they fall over etc.

  6. hatti

    I wonder

    The future may bring robot wags ( they may be here already). Kiss 'n' tell droid stories caught by the daily Stun in post match robotic oil bath nut 'n' bolt orgies.

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