back to article GET PATCHED: Adobe plugs Hacking Team Flash holes and more

Adobe has released patches for its Flash software to fix a pair of critical security vulnerabilities exposed by the Hacking Team megabreach. The bugs can be exploited to hijack PCs and infect them with malware – and crooks are already doing just that, so apply the updates now. The security bulletin for Adobe Flash Player ( …

  1. g7rpo

    Isn't it time

    this travesty is binned completely

  2. Anonymous Coward
    Anonymous Coward


    Remove the damned thing. Fool me once, shame on you. Fool me twice, shame on me. Fool me hundreds of times... and I deserve to be buggered with a farrier's rasp.

  3. Anonymous Coward
    Anonymous Coward

    Flash must die, please help

    Patching Flash again, I love it.

    I also want to avoid hijacks and cyber crime but don't want to make Yahoo my preferred browser while upgrading, thanks very much. At least you didn't propose an anti-virus product, this time. You people really suck, to put it mildly. I will never use any of your products again,

    I'd much rather see Flash eliminated from the internet landscape forever, a bit like the Ebola or smallpox virus. When that becomes the corporate message, please get back to me.

    Anyway, I am now done with Flash, you are uninstalled forever, you dirty little bitch. Don't call again.

  4. JT13

    Let's start with The Register

    On The Register homepage right now, there are two separate ads begging me to activate Flash. Nope. Not happening. Perhaps El Reg can notify its advertisers that Flash advertising won't work with its readership. Let's set the example.

    1. VeganVegan

      Re: Let's start with The Register

      I wonder if it's an opportunistic thing, contingent on browser & OS.

      I'm typing this on an iPad, so there's no way I can see the flash ads. But, when I use Firefox on my laptop, I do not see flash ads either. I do have the flash plugin installed, and it is up to date (the July 14 version), but then I have the plugin set to 'ask to activate'.

      In any case, flash needs to go away, and the best way to achieve it is to show the <strikethrough>awful</strikethrough> SWF* developers and advertisers that they are wasting their time and money because everybody is turning off or unistalling flash.

      * even my auto-correction agrees, inserting "awful" for "swf".

  5. J J Carter Silver badge


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