back to article Link farmers bust Google search algos

Sophos threat hunter Dmitry Samosseiko says internet lowlife are implanting hundreds of thousands of malicious PDF files a day on compromised websites to build a new cloaking system that foils Google's search algorithm analysis. Samosseiko says the blackhat search engine optimisation method applies old keyword-stuffing and …

  1. AndyS

    This should be a pretty simple fix for Google

    Presumably all* they need to do is adapt the algorithms they use for busting this stuff in HTML, so that they can also apply to PDFs (and presumably all other text-based file formats too).

    *values of "all" may vary.

    1. annodomini2

      Re: This should be a pretty simple fix for Google

      Or probably just flick a switch that ignores PDFs.

      1. DougS Silver badge

        Re: This should be a pretty simple fix for Google

        There are a lot of legitimate PDF files that you would want to use - consider the tech docs for Oracle, for example.

        They probably already have an indication from other sources which sites are dodgy, so a lot of PDFs are found that improve the search results of dodgy sites, all the PDFs on that site can be ignored. Since Oracle's docs don't talk about "v1agra" or whatever the spammers are pushing, they won't have to worry about false positives from sites that legitimately have a lot of PDFs.

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