back to article Dawn falling late: NASA's other glitch of the week

While the world was distracted by New Horizons' brief woes, NASA also had to put its Dawn spacecraft into a holding pattern to work out a software glitch. Dawn, which is fascinating the world with its shots of Ceres – and exciting boffins and conspiracists alike with its shots of the dwarf planet's bright spots, is currently …

  1. Mark 85 Silver badge

    Both Dawn and New Horizons?

    If I were paranoid, I would be thinking someone doesn't want us out there...

    1. baseh

      Re: Both Dawn and New Horizons?

      Or the same programmer wrote both

      1. picturethis

        Re: Both Dawn and New Horizons?

        Or, different programmers used the same source code...

    2. imanidiot Silver badge

      Re: Both Dawn and New Horizons?

      Pretty much any spacecraft "we" have out there has, at one point or another, entered safemode. It's to be expected with all the cosmic radiation blowing through them at all time. It's why the backup system is there in the first place. Spirit, Oppertunity and Curiosity all have been running on the backup at one point or another for instance.

      1. Anonymous Coward
        Anonymous Coward

        Re: Both Dawn and New Horizons?

        Just because that's true doesn't mean our probes are NOT under alien attack. Just saying......I would like to be the first to welcome our invisible intangible undetected yet new overlords....

        1. AbelSoul

          Re: Both Dawn and New Horizons?

          Just because that's true doesn't mean our probes are NOT under alien attack.

          Mike: Maybe you shouldn't have poured all of that washing-up liquid into it.

          Vyvyan: It says here "ensure machine is clean and free from dust"!

          Mike: Yeah, but it don't say "ensure machine is full of washing-up liquid"!

          Vyvyan: Yeah, but it doesn't say "ensure machine isn't full of washing-up liquid"!

          Mike: Well, it wouldn't would it? I mean, it doesn't say "ensure you don't chop up your video machine with an axe, put all the bits in a plastic bag and bung them down the lavatory!"

          Vyvyan: Doesn't it? Well maybe that's where we're going wrong!

    3. DropBear Silver badge

      Re: Both Dawn and New Horizons?

      No need to panic, the brief disturbance is just the NSA installing a few new taps on the last comm channels that still didn't have one; please pretend nothing happened. Move along now...

  2. Kharkov
    Paris Hilton

    Pictures are great but...

    What we really need is... the ability to spray-paint the word 'mine' on everything our probes & rovers meet. Then at some point in the future, we could get someone famous, I'm thinking Patrick Stewart or Martin Sheen, to just read their way down the list. 'Mine, Mine, Mine, Mine...'

    Yes, I have been watching Finding Nemo, why?

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