back to article China unveils Internet Plus plan for FIRST time (actually third time)

Back in March, Chinese Premier Li Keqiang announced the “Internet Plus” plan, an effort to stimulate China's growth. In late June he did it again at a State Council Meeting. And over the weekend he did it again, announcing that an “action plan” is now in place to make Internet Plus a reality. The plan – reported in identical …

  1. Bertie D'astard

    It'll never take off. What you really need to do to boost the economy (as we all know here in North-West England), is ... 'faster trains' .. that'll do it; never mind we can't get 3G or fibre easily in many part of Cheshire ..

    1. Dave 15

      no, no, no.... you have it all wrong

      What you need to do is to spend billions on foreign trains and then pretend that adding to the countries debt was a really good idea while you pocket the bribes and take up the nice shiny attractive position in the european gravy train.

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