back to article Former VMware staffer blows whistle on government pricing plan

VMware and Carahsoft, a company that bills itself as “Your Trusted Government IT Solutions Provider”, will repay US$75.5 million to the US government for what the Department of Justice (DoJ) characterises as “misrepresenting their commercial pricing practices and overcharging the government on VMware software products and …

  1. elDog Silver badge

    That''s the ticket! Be part of the team that made the deal

    And then be a whistle-blower about the deal. My recollection is that the take is some large percentage (%50?) of the fine assessed.

    I'd suggest against running any VMWare products in the future, however.

  2. Anonymous Coward
    Anonymous Coward

    When did it become illegal to sell at a price of your chosing

    Why shouldn't a companybe allowed to charge different prices to different companies - is this not one aspectof capiltalism?

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