back to article All-flash array reports aren't all about all-flash arrays, rages Gartner

Our earlier pop at Gartner's all-flash array methodology has generated a response from Gartner. Joe Unsworth from Gartner – the author of the Market Share report and co-author on the Solid-State Arrays magic quadrant – has been in touch. We said corrective glasses were needed to read the report. View what follows as corrective …

  1. Anonymous Coward
    Anonymous Coward


    "We wonder why, in that case, Gartner doesn’t choose to deliver such combined numbers in a single report."

    That's Part 2 - another $1,000 please.

    1. ashminder

      Re: Easy

      $1000? more like $20,000+ to whoever wants to go up the lists. Gartner is very much like FIFA :-|

      1. Anonymous Coward

        Re: Easy

        What? Running around in circles playing with their balls?

  2. This post has been deleted by its author

  3. Anonymous Coward
    Anonymous Coward

    Gartner is so very confused

    general purpose array with SSDs?

    The EMC VNX-F is included because it's all flash, despite this being a solid state version of a general purpose array - same design, optimized firmware in the dual controller design, but the Dell Compellent all-flash design, which is a solid state version of a general purpose array - same design, optimized firmware in the dual controller design is not?

    Gartner would just be better off coming out and saying " oops, we made a mistake " instead of compounding it.

    1. kiwistorageguy

      Re: Gartner is so very confused

      Actually if you read the earlier article, Gartner adds it into the category if it has a specific SKU or product name which the VNX-F does.

      The reason the like of the NetApp AFF do not get included is because the have the same generic SKU for the base, then you add the drives. NetApp and others are unlikely to add a specific SKU just for this.


  4. DeepStorage

    Call them what you want

    The problem that Mr. Unsworth did not address is how his arbitrary separation between solid state array and an array using solid state memory for storage screws over customers. Because of his rules if I buy a 3Par 7450 and 2 years later decide I want to add a shelf or two of spinning disks HP has to refuse to sell them to me or risk having the 3Par thrown out of the SSA class.

    1. Nate Amsden

      Re: Call them what you want

      Get a 7440 then. Same hardware as 7450 but allows spinning rust.

      I wish I got a 7440 but was not available when I got a 7450.

      Now the two 20k models are NOT the same hardware the SSD version has more cpus and double memory. Hoping HP pulls a 7440 with the 20k

      1. DeepStorage

        Re: Call them what you want

        First for those that don't know I'm the Howard Marks that Chris quoted in the article.

        The real point is the "no hard drives ever" rule does nothing but screw the customer and complicate the price list. You have a 7450 you CAN'T ever put a shelf of hard drives on it, even if you buy a new AFA and want to use it for some other purpose. Joe Unsworth has demanded that HP screw you over.

        No one should have that power.

        - Howard

        1. cleanur

          Re: Call them what you want

          Although I understand the sentiment and do believe Gartner are skewing the market (at least on paper), the reality is that a customer buying 3PAR will be provided choices e.g 7450 AFA or 7440 hybrid.

          Both are effectively the same price and performance with identical flash configurations, the decision of whether to commit to all flash is ultimately the customer's not HP's.

          Whilst selling the 7440 does harm HP's overall AFA numbers vs AFA only suppliers it provides customers with an insurance policy and that's really why the 7440 exists.

          Whether Customers want to take that route is a decision only they can make.

  5. ntevanza

    Analysis for three year olds

    The all-flash hype reminds me a lot of my three year old. He wants the foil right still on the yogurt or he won't eat it. The benefits or disbenefits are lost on him because 1, at three it's all about the process, not the result; 2, foil is shiny; and 3, he's three.

    I was going to say I expect more of Gartner, but then, duh!

    Teenagers comparing megapixels or dopeheads touting cosmic fertilizer are part of the same phenomenon: when comparing outputs is too hard, then compare inputs. It's so easy, three year olds can understand it. Literally.

  6. SnapperHead

    Has Gartner ever lost this much credibility?

    I've never been a fan of self appointed high priests, they always end up corrupt and pontificating what ever was served up at their last free lunch. Gartner is well known as a marketers dream come true. Tell an interesting story over an expensive dinner, and they stamp it as goodness.

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