back to article Network Services delayed AGAIN. Suppliers: Oh FFS

It is week 40 of the Network Services framework tender and suppliers are still in the dark about the cause of the latest delay - which means nobody knows who's made the cut and who hasn't. A prior information notice for the framework, estimated to be worth between £100m and £2bn over four years, was published in July and a …

  1. Anonymous Coward
    Anonymous Coward

    This has actually happened? Was there a choir of angels hosannahing away? (the on-time thing; the seat thing seems a lot less like a Biblical miracle)

  2. NeilMc

    Govt Procurement

    The govt in all its many twisted forms cannot procure for toffee's and they should give up wasting Tax Payers money.

    I thought some years back Philip Green was the latest poacher turned game keep to go in to Govt and advise on procurement and supply chain and made many significant and dare one say obvious recommendations. These I bet are sat on a high dusty shelf somewhere in Whitehall or perhaps were pinned to toilet cubicle for us in emergency.

    Recent reports that the NHS are overpaying for service items and that they do not routinely use there buying power to their advantage and also rumours that NICE and Big Pharma are running a cartel do not fill me with hope that this will get resolved any day soon.

    In which case I wholeheartedly support "Boy George" wielding the axe on Govt and here's hoping it falls to the fat necks of some of these halfwits.

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