back to article Exetel becomes Exit-tel, shows customers the door without explanation

Australian internet service provider (ISP) Exetel is firing customers, with no explanation for its actions. Customers have sent Vulture South a “Notice of termination of service” from Exetel that offers the following non-explanation of the decision: Service number: XX XXXX XXXX 10 June 2015 - Today's Date 10 July 2015 - …

  1. bugalugs


    never heard of them

    1. Francis Boyle Silver badge

      Heard of them

      Too expensive.

  2. 1337.Hyperion

    Exetel user for over 15 years.

    This has nothing to do with download and everything to do with the exchanges. With NBN being rolled out expanding current ADSL2 services has stopped. In the past Exetel has forced me to change plans because of cost, there is nothing wrong with that but this time instead of giving us a choice they are just taking our phone lines and internet away, Why? Here is the answer - I have tried to churn/transfer to another ISP but can't, there are no slots available on the exchanges on both Telstra and Optus. Why not keep the one you already have? Great Question ! Exetel paid Optus for a set of slots and are not giving them back and are now maximizing there profits. How? By charging $30 per month more for the same service.e.g. I am paying $60 for 500GB peak & 500Gb off-peak now Exetel it charging $89 for 1000Gb "any-time" (from Exetel site). What is the end result? There is no slot for me so in 25 days I will have no phone and no internet because Exetel wants to resell my slot for $30 more per month. P.S. In the last 12 months my average download is 300Gb per month my limit is 1000Gb per month. So don't tell me this is about heavy usage. It's not.

    1. H.Winter

      Re: Exetel user for over 15 years.

      "I am paying $60 for 500GB peak & 500Gb off-peak now Exetel it charging $89 for 1000Gb "any-time" (from Exetel site)."

      I don't see the plan you say are on (500gb on/off), only the 1000gb anytime, which is $58 month, not $89 as you say. I am currently on the Unlimited data allowance which is only $59.

  3. The Valeyard

    Telstra Exchanges?

    I noticed today that the cost of the Unlimited plan for Telstra exchanges has increased from $59 + $20 line rental to $119 inc line rental while the plan for Optus exchanges has remained the same.

    Are those impacted on the Telstra exchanges?

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