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Register now to watch our live Regcast, where we look at why the human factor is an important internet security risk. Watch this video broadcast live, on June 18 at 11:00 BST. Handy synopsis for you As we reported in April, you build security, and the users muck it up. At a time when productivity growth in many businesses …


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  1. mazik

    It is not the users or the human factor that you state that determines the results that you are getting....

    It is your desire to use the tools that 95% of people in the planet use ..... Windows for example or Apple computers ..... billions of people toy and experiment with them every day and many of them to disrupt or destroy other peoples work or for profit .....

    You are better off making your own operating system and your own tools ..... you can easily use UNIX or Linux to do your work and have less malware affecting you ....... or better yet you can order an ELBRUS computer and run Linux on it and be immune from malware.....

    By using Windows or IOS you are setting yourself up to suffer like everyone else ..... and be dependent on the false protection of antivirus and IT services that might slow down attacks but eventually you will succumb to them ....

  2. Anonymous Coward

    Security lesson

    Wife managed to find and install every bit of malware that it was possible to co - exist on a single machine.

    Dutyfully I made copies of all of the important stuff, found all of the relevant drivers, ensured I had all of the right software and planned a bombproof system with a VM for Web browsing and guest accounts.

    Clean install everything, updated and gave it a quick test.


    Showed my wife my brilliant work and then left her to it.

    One week later my beloved was watching "Dance Moms" on my PC...

    Apparently her laptop wouldn't let her load the video app from her favourite site.


    1. Geoffrey Thomas

      Re: Security lesson

      Give her a user a/c ffs.

      1. Anonymous Coward
        Anonymous Coward

        Re: Security lesson

        Wife's viewing habits are the root cause of the security problem. By securing the system to prevent a breach I also prevent my wife from watching what she wants, prompting her to find a way around the block.

        Educating her doesn't seem to work either.


        SOLUTION: Bought a cheap android pad for her birthday. Seems to be bug free after months of use.

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