back to article Australia to develop STEM education plan any month now

Australia's Education Council met today and decided the nation needs a Science, Technology, Engineering and Mathematics (STEM) plan. The Council's members are the nation's education ministers, one apiece from the federal government and the eight States and Territories. The Council had this to say about STEM in its communiqué ( …

  1. Gartal


    From the government that brought you reduced spending in education and got rid of the ministry for science and technology.

    I bet that if it was discovered that Economists produced anything and that if there was a shortage of them, we would have no difficulty in getting them fast tracked into education.

  2. Snow Wombat

    Here's an idea...

    Why not support those of us who are studying STEM fields a bit better ?

    I am studying Electronic Engineering, after 15 yrs in IT because the LNP party had all my normal work outsourced to India.

    Some weeks I can barely afford to eat, because rent takes up 50+% of my AustStudy payment, which hasn't hasn't been tied to CPI for ages. It hasn't kept pace with the cost of rent and living in the city. Part time / Casual work is nearly impossible to find for a student in his mid 30's because I am deemed to old to work in retail / hospitality.

    I do get SOME casual work as, essentially a removal guy, who works for a place who specializes in moving IT and office equipment but the work is completely random. Everyone is downsizing their IT and staff operations, and a lot of servers we are moving are "decommissions" because everything is being pushed out to "the cloud"

    On the plus side, I have lost about 20Kg since I started, so there is that...

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