back to article My Passport Grip Pack blooms with new colours … and more storage

WD has refreshed its My Passport line of portable disk drives with fetching Grip Packs — colourful edge protective bands providing a big jump from 2TB to 3TB max capacity. The seventh generation of My Passports offer 500GB, 1TB, 2TB and 3TB capacities. The PC version, My Passport Ultra, comes in four colours — blue, dark red …

  1. Anonymous IV

    Fetching Grip Packs - Chris Mellor getting carried away?

    "Grip Packs — colourful edge protective bands providing a big jump from 2TB to 3TB max capacity."

    Are you seriously saying that these bands provide a disk capacity increase?

    Or is this merely coincidental?

  2. Bassey

    Bumper cable

    Now if the "Grip bumper" thingy was also the USB 3 cable then that would be excellent. As it is, £10 for a coloured bit of moulded rubber is taking the piss.

    1. Marc 25

      Re: Bumper cable

      What if it was an iGrip Bumper? Surely then it would be 50 quid?

  3. gregthecanuck

    Get a grip

    Surely the author is taking the p*ss out of the announcement?

    I can just hear it now when someone reports a drive issue - WD's response "You're holding it wrong".

  4. Myself-NZ


    Consider this my postcard.

    Black is the absence of light and white is a mixture of all colours. So technically black is not a colour.

    If you have ever perused an paint colour chart with a view to redecorating then you will know that there are a range of blacks, and an even bigger range of whites with w**ky sounding designer names which change on a yearly basis. Well the names change and they shuffle around the colours a bit to make it look different but otherwise bugger all difference. I think Spanish white and variants stays constant though...

    anyway, where was I ?

    nevermind, carry on...........

    1. Natalie Gritpants

      Re: Postcard

      I've just been down to B&Q. They are clearing the shelves of black paint right now.

      Next is to get amazon to remove all tiny periods of silence in their entire range of music as silence is an absence of sound so technically silence is not music.

      And welcome back nosegays, you're not allowed to not be able to smell anything.

      Good luck next time you go to the dentist.

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