back to article Imation CEO voted off board in proxy war bombshell

Imation's CEO has been provisionally voted off the company's board, as shareholders supported the activist investor Clinton Group in its view of Imation's alleged leadership failures. This AGM proxy vote result still has to be certified, but that looks a formality. The Clinton Group said Imation's long revenue decline and …

  1. Anonymous Coward
    Anonymous Coward

    Why are "we" calling asset strippers and market manipulators "activist investors" now? Is it a sarcastic pun on the word "investor"? Or something to do with "the new world order"?

    1. Alister Silver badge

      Why are "we" calling asset strippers and market manipulators "activist investors" now?

      Um, because it's an equally accurate description as the two you offered, perhaps?

  2. Warm Braw Silver badge

    So, thanks to Clintons...

    ... the CEO got his cards?

  3. Speltier


    Was a cast off from 3M many years ago IIRC, 3M being the "good bank" and Imation the "bad bank" (of product lines). The poor sods in Imation faced a much more determined headsman, even for that era.

    I recall buying Imation diskettes and finding such poor quality that I refused to buy any Imation products going forward. Maybe things have improved since then, although if not the story is just about scavengers fighting over corporate roadkill.

  4. Michael Habel Silver badge

    What's left for Imation if OEMs have tossed the CD/DVD/BR Brunner to the Curbside? Now that installing via USB Sticks have become the new norm?

  5. Steve Knox


    ...restructured into a Legacy Business segment and a Disk Storage segment...

    What with all this flash and cloud brouhaha, I though Disk Storage was a Legacy Business...

  6. Anonymous Coward
    Anonymous Coward

    Gut and run

    So when the new blokes rape and pillage the company and investors and then bail, what excuse with they use?

  7. ecofeco Silver badge


    Oh wait, I vaguely remember this company. I think. Maybe.

    Dodgy unreliable storage wasn't it?

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