back to article EU Digital Single Market plan: We will compromise fast, and compromise early

The European Commission has finally unveiled its big Digital Single Market Strategy (DSM). Despite leak after leak over recent weeks, Digi Commissioners Andrus “The Robot” Ansip and Gunther H-dot Oettinger took to the podium together (for the first time) with due pomp and ceremony on Wednesday. But what they presented was a …

  1. John Munyard

    I guess it depends how you see it...

    "Finally a new e-government plan will force different national systems to work together so that businesses and citizens only have to give their data to a public administration once."

    Which could be ready another way as "regardless of whether you agree, and regardless of whether there is a need, the EU is going to grab all your UK Government data for it's own, undisclosed, purposes"

    Nice. I guess it depends on how you read it....

    1. Richard Jones 1

      Re: I guess it depends how you see it...

      I could not agree more. The thought of someone on the far side of the failure ground that is Europe, putting in false data to a database that everyone is forced to use does not fill me with any sort of positive feeling.

      As for ending up purchasing goods from the dark-side forget that one as well. I would never knowingly buy stuff from a supplier in Europe. The cost of returns and delivery are a killer for that dumb idea.

      I do agree with any anti shafting moves. I have no interest in many of the things that are broadcast across Europe, but can see no reason why someone should pay twice as much in one location than someone else in another, just because some shafting megalomaniac feels they need the money.

      Now who could I have in mind?

      Oops data overload, as all the well known names rush into mind.

  2. Frederic Bloggs

    And the graphic?

    What has a couple of balloon flights tracked by Ham Radio got to do with the content of this article (apart from cheapness)?

    1. Graham Marsden

      Re: And the graphic?

      I thought the red one was a failed attempt to draw a huge cock and balls across Europe...

      1. Havin_it

        Re: And the graphic?

        I thought it was an homage to Dad's Army myself ...

  3. This post has been deleted by its author

  4. Christoph Silver badge

    Three Pillars

    They've just thoroughly trashed all Three Pillars for small businesses selling digital goods, with the new VAT regulations. And now they're thinking about planning to discuss ways to fix that? Someone running a micro-business from their kitchen table can't wait while they all meet up to chat about it over champagne!

  5. Trigonoceps occipitalis


    I live in the EU out side the UK. I have a house in the UK and when there I willingly pay for digital content, in addition to the TV licence. When out of the UK I have to circumvent geo-locking if I want any sort of watchable video.

    I am made a lesser or greater pirate by this, your views may vary.

    There are only two reasons that I can see for geo-locking:

    1. To preserve local culture.

    2. To maximize profit of large media companies.

    If I am willing to pay for UK content and do not watch the really dire TV here, what has anyone gained by forcing irregular or illegal activity on me.

    Go Ansip, go!

  6. Piloti

    Personally, I'm in favour of Geo IP Blocking.

    Like Trigonoceps occipitalis I work in Euro land, or at least my company sends me there a lot. I can not reasonably watch the BBC. A little grumpy about that. But then again, neither can 350million other europeans who don't pay for it.

    If they want to watch it, let them pay for it, either through the Beebs commercial arm or by giving the UK £100 Million / year to watch the BBC, or listen to the magnificent BBC Radio.

    1. phil dude

      Re: Personally, I'm in favour of Geo IP Blocking.

      So perhaps a paywall would be good for those too tech illiterate to get a VPN?


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