back to article NetApp's all-flash FAS array is easily in the top, er, six SPC-1 machines

NetApp has published an all-flash FAS8080 EX SPC-1 benchmark report [PDF]: 685,281 IOPS, $2.68/IOPS, and 1.23-millisecond response at 100 per cent load. This is the fifth-fastest SPC-1 result in our files in IOPS terms. NetApp_AFA_FAS8080_SPC_1 Top SPC-1 performance (IOPS) results with NetApp's FAS8080 EX in the fifth slot ( …

  1. Nate Amsden

    pretty nice results

    is this the first NetApp FAS results with reasonable capacity utilization? Usually they pretty high in the unused storage arena.

    in any case, pretty fast. good job netapp

    1. dikrek

      Re: pretty nice results

      Hi Nate,

      No, we had other systems filled nicely before, and the key one to look at is Application Utilization, which shows the capacity used for the benchmark vs total capacity.



  2. Anonymous Coward
    Anonymous Coward


    Notice how none of the leaders in Flash Storage are represented in this list? This test, much like the HDD business is completely outdated.

    Flash is fast no matter whose you're using....disk had other challenges that at times made this test helpful. It's about all the other data services nowadays versus marketing benchmarks that an archaic test like SPC gives you.

    Come on people, you're better than this.

    1. DougS Silver badge

      Re: Really??

      Submission is voluntary, like EMC they have chosen not to bother with this test. The best benchmark is running your own load - if you are spending enough and have something relatively standard that can be replicated without too much effort you can often get the major vendors to benchmark your load on their hardware (at least EMC and HP have been quite willing to do so in my experience)

    2. dikrek

      Re: Really??

      No, it's not like you say at all. Flash isn't fast no matter what. It matters what array you use, what flash media you use.

      Look at some of the submissions - their SSD performance is terrible compared to others.

      You honestly believe that all platforms are created equal the moment you slap some SSDs inside?

      SPC-1 isn't a marketing benchmark. Sure you can game the config to get better speed (something I try to point out in my articles) but the SPC-1 IOPS for a platform are massively lower than the marketing numbers some "leaders in Flash Storage" use... it's a far harder test than marketing benchmarks showing 100% 4KB reads, for instance.



      1. PaulHavs
        Thumb Up

        Re: Really??

        I'd love to see an SPC-1 from EMC on XtremeIO or Pure on an FA-xxx, would make my day / week / month!!

        SPC-1 is still as relevant for All flash systems as all HDD or even hybrid now that the test specs allow tiering systems to do their magic.

        the benchmark test is still the most standardised way of comparing systems with a realistic and reasonably hard workload that actually resembles virtual server IO blenders very, very well.

        Paul H [HP]

  3. Anonymous Coward
    Anonymous Coward

    The way things look at NetApp these days, Krekoukias should be playing nice with other vendors because he might be working for one of them shortly.

    1. This post has been deleted by its author

    2. dikrek

      Things at NetApp are looking just fine

      It's funny how some people make these predictions. NetApp is a huge player. It reminds me of pundits claiming Apple will go out of business any day now based on nonsense. Dream on.

      The simple reality is that NetApp now not only has the most functional enterprise arrays out there (that's been the case for a while now) but can also offer ultra high performance with a very difficult benchmark on a system sized realistically, with RAID-6 equivalent protection instead of RAID10, and 2x the space efficiency of the other players in the Top Ten list.

      Look at these results in perspective: Sure, there are small players that are also fast. Speed is relatively easy. But nobody offers the combination of the sheer functionality ONTAP does, the richness of data management options, the insane flexibility, the maturity.

      I really don't understand all the hate. We have an awesome, enterprise, multi-function, mature system that can offer very high performance. Get over it.



  4. ls3901

    hi, Dear, You forgot the No.6 is huawei oceanstor 6800 v3.

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